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Looking beyond is a challenging exercise, which can be driven by either personal disposition or even subjects and events themselves, by their essence. It is when a frozen subject recaps observers’ mixed thoughts, or figure a hidden scene, a secret system of relationships. What did make that subject to form? Is a joint understanding possible? Can it be shared through a common language? Does it equally talk to everybody? Ultimately, was the photographer able to communicate, to share his/her own’s impressions? They say art is polysemous, by definition – that’s it. This helps not wasting too much time around concealed meanings. But, is that enough? Sure that we cannot be on the same page? Please try tune, stay open.

s - PB159860.jpg
f - PB151718.jpg
f - PB150713-Modifica.jpg
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bn - PB150746-Modifica.jpg
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