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All my works have a backbone made of two elements. The first one is the combination between the search for different themes and languages, and the focus on the connection between reality and its features, particularly for those apparently concealed but actually revealing, regardless of subject: a person, an object, a scene. The second key feature – also in those photographs which are seemingly far from sheer reality – is an attempt to connect to facts and tangible issues. Everything is thought In order to preserve the real essence of photography and fulfil its nature: the photographer captures something which was actually there - as we were there.


I live in Milan, where I was born in 1961. I studied business administration and worked for international consultancy firms. Photography always played a parallel and essential role, deployed through passion, dedication and fun. Throughout the years I attended some seminars and workshops, including a one-week experience with Andreas Bitesnich about nude.



  • Surfacex: Made4Art (Milan, 2024); Inner Solo Exhibition (Lecce, 2022); un'fair (Milan, 2022); MIA Fair (Milan, 2021); Milano Affordable Art Fair (2020); Amsterdam AAF (2019); Milano Photo Festival (2019); London Battersea AAF (2019); RB Fineart Gallery (Milan, 2018).

  • Worldsamerica: Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair (2019).

  • Nude studies: different locations in Milan area.


Made4Art, May 2024

L'Oeil de la Photographie, January 2023

MonoVisions Photography Awards, July 2022

Inner Solo Exhibition, July 2022

Phocus Magazine, April 2022

L'Oeil de la Photographie, November 2021

Bocca Bookshop Interview, Milan 2020

TravelGlobe Magazine - December 2020

Milano Affordable Art Fair 2020

Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair 2019

Milano Photo Festival 2019

London Battersea Affordable Art Fair 2019

Emotions of the World Gallery


Rime spurie / rime corrive

I bretellati


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